Many Voices of America

Many Voices of America

Are you a member of a policy advocacy group looking for a way to grow a motivated, enthusiastic and politically engaged following - for free? Capitol Call is seeking to partner with new organizations, of all political persuasions, that want to make change in our world.

Already have a strong supporter base but want to engage with them more meaningfully? Capitol Call can also help there - giving you a channel to reach your supporters on the device they use most - their phone - with notification tools that have a higher open rate than your email campaigns.

All Groups Welcome

If you’ve been a Capitol Call user from the start, you know that we get excited about bringing democracy to your phone. We work with change-agents of all sizes. From groups with no permanent staff, to a bustling staff of 50 full-time employees, Capitol Call gets your material in front of people who will contact government on your behalf. Why you might ask? Because we pair people with the causes they’re passionate about.

Go Local

We know you’ve seen our national-level material, but did you know that Capitol Call has local government support? For instance, need to generate attention for a pothole on your street? Want to see more bike lanes in your community? Capitol Call is the place to go. We amplify your neighborhood’s voices so that City Council hears you loud and clear.

Many Voices, One Platform

Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Religious, Secular, Black, Brown, or White; Democracy needs all voices to function. We created Capitol Call to be political, not partisan. We believe in listening to our neighbors because everyone’s voice matters.

Sign up your organization today, or recommend an organization you’re passionate about.